training pathway


Senior Trainer – Yoon Kang O’Higgins

Since 2012, Yoon Kang O’Higgins has been leading training programmes for museums, universities and health centres in Europe.  Yoon Kang O’Higgins is Programme Director at Visual Thinking Strategies, USA.  As part of Erasmus+ Permission to Wonder Yoon Kang O’Higgins will be lead trainer for the three training Practicums for educators.  Yoon Kang-O’Higgins joined Visual Thinking Strategies in 1997 after studying art history and studio art at Barnard College, Columbia University (New York City), Leith School of Art (Edinburgh, Scotland) and University College London. As VTS Senior Trainer, she specializes in developing programming to support the global community of VTS practitioners and leading long-term projects with partners such as the University College Cork (Ireland), the New York Times Learning Network, Reade Center (Amsterdam), University of Oregon and the Wild Center (New York). Her expertise includes professional development design and delivery for teachers, university faculty and museum staff. Yoon’s interest in education and public programs started while a curatorial intern in 1996 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC, where she learned about the research and work of VTS co-founders Abigail Housen and Philip Yenawine. She has also worked as an administrator at the Parsons School of Design and the Tony Smith Estate. Yoon is based in Seattle, Washington, where she lives with her husband and 2 young sons.

Practicum Training Pathway

1.       Beginners Practicum – Denmark, 2018

For four invited educators, selected and nominated by each partner, to be introduced to ‘What is VTS?’ - the theoretical framework of aesthetic development by Abigail Housen and practical examples of VTS in museums/galleries and schools. This practicum offers direct experience of VTS discussion in action with post discussion group deconstructions to offer insight into what the viewer experiences in a VTS discussion and what a VTS discussion can teach. Practice in galleries with coaching takes place with pro-active, reflections, and homework assignments along the way.

2.       Advanced Practicum – Finland 2018

To further develop trainee’s practice in the VTS technique. This practicum builds further on the understanding of aesthetic development and critical thinking to better support learners by focusing on strengthening group facilitation skills by paraphrasing with conditional language; linking related comments together to form conceptual connections & highlight scaffolding; Frame & Label ideas to identify themes & metacognitive behaviors.

3.       Coaching Training – Netherlands 2019

This will support educators to learn to teach Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS).   Fellow educators will guide each other in their VTS practice, and be guided by their local partner organisation.  They will learn from each other’s insights into teaching, while sharing what is new to them about VTS. The role of the coach is key to facilitating this learning environment and ensuring all participants benefit. The facilitation used in coaching will build upon skills honed in VTS Apprentice’s practice – but he/she will learn to apply these to support a group or individual as they examine and reflect upon the VTS teaching practice.